Uganda - Patience is a Virtue!

Published on 07.02.2022

Uganda is a great example that the Oil & Gas industry is a long game. From the first discussions and work to understand the oil industry back in 1986 to the journey from 2006 to date, which has now culminated in the commitment of all those involved to develop Uganda’s oil and gas resources.  It really does shows that determination and resilience is needed to succeed.

During the last 13 years MDT International has been a tried and trusted training partner – with Ugandan participants / clients returning again and again.  We are proud to have played our part in developing the capacity of Ugandan nationals and look forward to continuing to support the learning & development needs through field development, production and new exploration opportunities.   

MDT welcomed our first Ugandan nationals to one of our public courses in London back in November 2008. Their positive feedback then led to MDT being invited to deliver training in Uganda in July 2009. Between 2009 and 2019 we delivered over 30 separate courses in Uganda to a total audience of over 500 participants. Client organisations have included the IOC Operators, their Joint Venture Partners, Government Ministries and Regulators.

MDT’s Managing Director, Drew Leitch offered his own personal perspective:

“Although we had delivered so many courses in Uganda over the years, it was only in 2019 that I had my own first opportunity to visit – delivering an E&P Finance and Accounting course for one of the leading IOC’s. It was such an enjoyable experience – working with bright and engaged students who made me feel so welcome. Our discussions included some musings over whether Uganda would ever move beyond the exploration and appraisal phase … I remember saying that, in my opinion, the answer was ‘yes’ … it was just a timing issue … be patient.” 

Sadly, the pandemic has meant that our visits to Uganda have not been possible in recent years however we have continued to support the learning and development needs of Ugandan oil & gas professionals by delivering live online training.  With the recent announcement of the Final Investment Decision (FID) for Uganda’s oil and gas projects, along with the easing of Covid related travel restrictions, we look forward to being able to return to Uganda and to work with our clients as they move through the EPC phase and to the expected first oil in 2025.

Congratulations to all the stakeholders involved and we look forward to seeing what benefits the Oil & Gas industry will bring to the East African Region.   Hopefully this ‘long game’ will keep progressing and the milestones will continue to be achieved.