Two Feet, A Few Bob & A Fishing Rod ...

Published on 30.09.2020

I’m pleased to launch MDT’s Active October campaign. 

During the month of October, Team MDT will be getting our running & walking shoes on, we’ll be climbing steps, pushing pedals and one of us will be catching fish 🎣 … all with a common purpose – to raise a few bob for our charity partner, the magnificent Gathimba Edwards Foundation and specifically their Two Feet Business Start Ups Project.

Monies raised will see the birth of 3 new Kenyan businesses: Mama Mary in Karatina will set up her fruit selling business. Mama Rael in Iten will begin sheep farming. Mama Wacera in Karatina will establish her grocery stand.

The crucial helping hand that you provide to get these business off and running will be creating three self-sufficient, sustainable businesses with significant knock on positive impacts for the business Mama’s and their families.

We’ll offer regular updates during October.

Any and all donations will be gratefully received. You can donate via:

So, as of tomorrow (1st October) and for the next 31 days, for Team MDT, it’s on your marks, get set …. Run, Walk, Cycle, Step, Fish!

Thanks for your Support,

Drew (On Behalf of Team MDT)

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