The Making of an International Oil & Gas Giant - and MDT's Small Part in the Recipe!

Published on 18.02.2016


Let me begin by making it clear that we can't lay claim to directly helping the BG Group make any of the 17 giant discoveries mentioned in this superb infographic but as BG marks the end of what has been quite a journey then it seems only right that MDT also reflects on its successful relationship with BG.

Over the years we have had the great pleasure to play our part in helping to develop the commercial capacity of BG personnel. Like BG's own story, the MDT piece of the jigsaw has seen us travel the world delivering our training courses from:

Aberdeen to Brisbane; Lagos to Mumbai; Cairo to Dar-es-Salaam; and from one carnival city to another (I don't mean Reading - although we have been there too!), Port of Spain to Rio de Janeiro.

And that's not to mention participants from other BG locations who have attended our open/public courses for example, Bolivia, Kazakhstan, Tunisia and Thailand.

Great memories of visiting fantastic locations and of meeting some superb people ... a couple of whom made such a positive impression that they ended up becoming part of MDT's own story ... you know who you are!

The merger closes out one chapter and for sure it, together with the ongoing depressed commodity price, creates uncertainty. But uncertainty and opportunity tend to go hand-in- hand, we would like to offer our BG friends our very best wishes for continued career success and look forward to our paths crossing once again in the future.

Drew Leitch