New Website Launched

Published on 25.04.2019

Everyone is familiar with the business mantra that to standstill is to fall behind. But, just like an old pair of comfy slippers, sometimes it’s tough to change.

But change is what we’ve done with MDT’s website. Our previous website was perfectly efficient, but we felt it didn’t reflect the real ’us’ – our inspirational training courses and fantastic trainers. The new website aims to communicate the real MDT and the attributes that we believe give both our clients and course participants a genuine added value experience. We work incredibly hard to keep our courses topical and packed full of industry specific exercises – this helps ensure that participants are not only fully engaged but leave with the knowledge they want. However, we also want our courses to be an enjoyable learning experience and hopefully the fun side of our nature now shines through.

We hope you like our new website and welcome your feedback.

We look forward to continuing our ‘Inspirational Training’ journey with you on board.