Six Recruitment...another happy client!

Published on 03.10.2012


We have something a little different for you this week!  We wanted to bring you a feature on one of our in-house clients, Six Recruitment, based in Cheshire, UK.

Firstly a little background information; Six Recruitment was established in 2006 and work with a core portfolio of carefully selected clients.  Services are grouped into two categories; recruitment and consultancy. The exploration and production of hydrocarbons is the business of most of Six Recruitments clients, which is where our wonderful expertise comes into play!

MDT International were first drafted in to deliver Introduction to the Oil & Gas Industry for Six Recruitment employees back in May of this year with resounding success, with one participant stating:

“I believe this is an excellent introductory course to oil and gas.  I benefited greatly from the technical aspects.  This course has a good commercial and economic slant which was also very useful.  Excellent use of DVD’s and images of real life situations.” Alex Cohen

Well not even we can say it better than that!

This September, we were invited back to deliver the same course for some of Six Recruitments new employees where again participants waxed lyrical about Keith’s delivery of the course, with one stating:

“Extremely holistic overview delivered in an understandable and expert fashion.”  Ian Moore

MDT’s MD (Drew Leitch) is forever reminding us that the best measure of MDT business success is that we are invited back and/or referred by our existing clients. The Six Recruitment work is an excellent example of this and also demonstrates MDT’s ability to service a wide range of oil and gas industry related clients.