Roll Up, Roll Up - Spot the Lawyer!

Published on 24.01.2019

You know you’ve hit the right spots when the slightly(!) incongruous lawyer – attending the ‘hard-core’ Oil & Gas Finance & Accounting course, alongside a room full of ‘Beanies’, offers end of course feedback stating how much he enjoyed the course … in spite of being the focal point of my (many, many) barbed anti-lawyer quips!

That feeling of ‘that went well’ was further supported by 20 of 20 participants indicating the MDT International course had fully met, or in many cases, exceeded their pre-course expectations – Aced It!

A wee competition – a variant on ‘spot the ball’ from back in the day … who can … ‘Spot the Lawyer’ in this superb end of class photo?

Note: please be polite and, anyone who guesses me as the lawyer, is immediately disqualified 😊 Thanks to my top notch students for the fabulous level of engagement in the course – a credit to your company and to Brunei! Thanks also for the warm welcome. Until the next time – Inshallah!