Recipe For The Perfect Training Course

Published on 01.08.2018

The Perfect Training Course 

Preparation Time: 

No gain without pain - be prepared to invest blood, sweat and tears - just don't include them in the final dish! 

Total Time: 

See above........but more and longer!

Number of Servings: 

Get the preparation and delivery right then it's a dish that your diners will enjoy time and time again!

Crucial Ingredients: 

  • Top quality and topical content
  • Highly experienced trainer that can relate theory to live industry practice 
  • Suitable training room - spacious, light, airy with air-conditioning that actually works!
  • A sprinkling of willing participants 
  • Good time keeping - from both the trainer and participants!
  • A very generous helping of questions and answers


  • Arrange your content in a logical manner that creates a storybook flow to the dish
  • Season all ingredients with a wide range of condiments to help achieve key learning outcomes e.g. slides, flip-chart / whiteboard; examples, exercises, case studies, topical industry news; industry video clips etc. 
  • Introduce your experienced trainer remembering that with that experience comes age........and the occassional grumpy old man/ woman diva moments!
  • Now spoon in your participants - be wary of the participant whose first question is "what time do we finish" - such participants may need to be encouraged to remain in the recipe. 
  • Cover and allow to simmer on a low (but pleasant) heat for the rest of the day, frequently checking for high levels of participant engagement via Questions & Answers, group discussions and robust, positive attitude to exercises and case studies. 

Special Information: 

MDT training courses are gluten free, organic, sustainable, innovative & ideal for those that are eager to develop their knowledge and noticeably add value both in their career and when back in the workplace. With consistently high feedback scores from those who have completed our courses (90% plus) we feel that our recipe has the potential to be a huge success!

Bon Appetit!