Our Online Journey - So Far!

Published on 23.04.2020

Our new version of office life started on Monday 23rd March with the move to working from home which, amazingly, has now become strangely 'normal'. At that time online training, although considered in the past, had not been a priority - our belief that face to face training delivery offered by MDT International was (and still is!) the most enjoyable and beneficial for participants. However, having looked at various online platforms and found options which allow us to continue delivering training in an interactive way, including opportunities for participants to complete group exercises, we are excited to share some of the feedback received after our recent 'taster' sessions. 

In true MDT style these sessions were very much international!

"My overall impression was VERY positive. The course presentation came across very well, and the breakout rooms were outstanding." Peter, Assala Energy, Gabon

"Great initiative by the MDT team and I'm sure this will position you well for the future." Sharon, CNOOC, United Kingdom 

"The training was awesome......I loved it." Ritah, Total, Uganda

"Interaction good and liked ability for trainer to join room while working in teams." Ekaterina, Schlumberger, Georgia

"Drew is an excellent trainer, very knowledgeable and enthusiastic with lots of relevant experience. Seeing the trainer makes online training more personal." Helen, Marathon, Eq. Guinea

The development of a number of our courses to enable delivery in this way continues and we would be delighted to hear what your training plans are for the coming months and if Live Virtual Training would be of interest. Drop us an e-mail via: info@mdtinternational.com and we will get back to you from our home office, dining room or living room!!