Open Course Discount Offers - 2016

Published on 01.02.2016

Open Courses

With the oil price remaining low we are aware that budgets for training and travel have continued to be scrutinised, as businesses come to terms with the current oil and gas market.  However, this does not mean that there is no need for training and with this in mind MDT International will continue to try and help deliver courses which suit both your company and its staff’s needs.

We have been working on ways in which MDT can collaborate with the industry to create an environment where companies can continue to make the strategic investment in training and development of staff but at lower costs.

With that objective in mind MDT is pleased to announce the continuation of our following initiatives which have been designed to deliver even greater return on training investment:

Multiple Course Discounts

Where a client books one of their team onto any of our open courses, we will automatically offer discounts for further bookings:
• Two further bookings - 15% discount for these further bookings
• Three or more further bookings - 20% Discount for these further bookings

Companion courses

Exploration & Production Accounting Level 1 combines effectively with our Introduction to the Oil and Gas Industry course, especially for finance personnel who are new to the industry. If you attend both courses at the same venue during the same week, you will be entitled to a 10% discount from the combined course fee.

Early Bird Discounts

If a booking is made more than 90 days before the start of the planned course you will automatically receive a 10% discount.

Previous Attendee Discounts

A 10% discount will be offered to anyone who books a place on an open course in 2016 and who has previously attended a MDT open course.


In-House Training

The above open course initiatives are aimed at providing greater strategic value for investment in training and development of staff at any of our global delivery locations.

In addition, a large proportion of our work with clients is completed through in-house courses.  We continue to hold an open dialogue with clients on the commercial arrangements for our in-house courses in an open and transparent way, delivering best value for money for our clients training investment.

We recognise that - at five days duration - many of our standard courses represent a major time and financial investment for companies.  By taking the time to truly understand our client’s needs, MDT has the ability to deliver many of these courses in shorter duration thereby cutting a five day course to (for example) three days.  Not only will this represent financial and time savings, it may allow companies to run training events that - at five days - would have been impossible.

Here at MDT we are committed to working with all of our clients to deliver the best value possible for training and we hope that by doing so we will allow clients to continue to make the strategic investment in their people.