Onwards & Upwards - Our Online Journey Continues

Published on 12.06.2020

Our last update acknowledged that pre pandemic, online training had never been a hot topic for MDT International. But as the Greek Philosopher Plato once remarked … necessity is the mother of invention.

Speaking of past MDT News Stories, I smiled when glancing back at our February 3rd post entitled ‘Life is as Roller Coaster’ … little did we know then just how steep the ‘down’ bit of the journey was about to come!

Anyway, getting back to Plato, we delivered a couple of taster online sessions during April which were very well received by the participants. And we marched into May super excited to be delivering our first full blown ‘live / online’ training course.

As with any course, for it to work well, an eager and engaged audience is a pre-requisite.

We thank our client for providing 11 keen-beans. Our Introduction to the Oil & Gas Industry course was delivered over 5 separate modules and the feedback received was excellent. It’s amazing how in our new ‘work from home’ norm, people have got really comfortable with the click a link / video meeting format.

100% indicated that the course had either fully met or exceeded their expectations so we’re marking that down as a success. The related image offers a selection of the participant feedback.

We now have five of our course titles available as ‘live / virtual’ editions.  Drop us an e-mail via: info@mdtinternational.com for more information.