Life is a Roller Coaster

Published on 03.02.2020

Like many other businesses / industries, MDT’s activity has its peaks and troughs each year. We find the last 4-months of each year to be uber busy – perhaps linked to our clients being keen to utilise any remaining training budget funds prior to the end of the year. By contrast, the first 2-3 months are slower as it takes time for both individuals and companies to work through their learning and development objectives and to agree the related plan of action.

But thankfully for Team MDT, ‘Slow Business’ does not equal ‘No Business’.

 Last week we kicked off our 2020 training delivery with top trainer and all-round good guy Paul Keighley facilitating our International Oil & Gas Exploitations Contracts course in Villahermosa, Mexico. It’s a 2-week assignment and this week see’s Paul delivering ‘Negotiation Skills for the Oil & Gas Industry’.

The happy faces from the ‘Exploitation Contracts’ course say it all … and, as the picture shows, it’s not a case of all work and no play for Paul. He has some interesting wildlife to keep him company – apparently these lads are a mere 30 metres from the training room! And Paul also enjoyed a weekend visit to the Mayan City of Palenque – dating back to 600BC – that’s even older than me!

So, Team MDT are back up and running for 2020 and we are hoping to achieve our own special hat-trick this year. After a tough old slog through the dark low oil price days/years of 2015-2017, our 2018 activity was up on 2017. And last year, 2019 was up on 2018 … so we have our sleeves rolled up and are ready to work hard to ensure 2020 keeps that positive growth trend in play. Wish us luck or better still, come to one of our courses 😊

 During February we’ll be delivering 6 open/public courses in London including: Introduction to the Oil & Gas Industry; E&P Accounting Level 1; E&P Accounting Level 2; Contracts Strategy & Management; Auditing in the E&P Industry; Negotiation Skills for the Oil & Gas Industry.

There’s still time to join us in London but you’ll need to be quick as the first of those courses kick off next week.

In March our open/public courses switch to the Middle East with courses in Dubai and Doha. We also have in-house client courses taking place in our home city of Aberdeen and further afield in India. And we’re in active discussion with clients about potential assignments in Bangladesh, Brazil, Gabon and Kazakhstan.

Perhaps Q1 is not looking so shabby after all!

Delivering training and toting up the training days is the easy bit – the critically important piece of the puzzle is to maintain our superb participant / client feedback scores.

During 2019, 95% of our course participants said that their training needs had been either fully met or exceeded, and, our trainers scored a rating of 99% - matching or beating those scores in 2020 keep us on our toes!

Changing subject, this year, once again our preferred charity partner will be the fabulous Gathimba Edwards Foundation (GEF) – please take a look at the GEF web site as there are so many ways that you, your employer and/or your own children can get actively involved in making a positive difference to those that really deserve a helping hand. You could even volunteer to take part in GEF’s house building trip during August 2020 – head to Kenya and play a very hands-on part in helping to build 4 new homes and thereby transforming the lives of 4 families.

 Thanks for continuing to be part of the MDT (& GEF) story.

Drew Leitch, Managing Director, MDT International