Leigh's 10 Year Anniversary

Published on 14.03.2016

Can you spot the link between: Ice Age 2 (The Meltdown), It’s Chico Time, the start of the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne and a young quine from Mastrick joining MDT International.

That’s right – we’re talking about March 2006. Difficult to believe it’s 10 years since we welcomed Leigh here at MDT. During those 10 years, Leigh has been an integral part of our business support team and in her spare time has become Mum to two gorgeous girls. The international nature of our business means that Leigh has become a World Geography expert - whether it’s the Capital of Mongolia or the time difference between UK and Cambodia, Leigh has it covered. Those involved in the Oil & Gas business don’t need me to tell them that our industry is volatile – and when the oil price is low it can trigger some interesting conversations with prospective MDT course participants. My own favourite is from some years ago when Leigh was professionally fielding a call from an overseas based caller who was expressing interest in attending one of MDT’s open/public courses in Aberdeen. The gentleman had explained that he was working to a very tight budget and Leigh had therefore intimated our willingness to offer a discounted course fee. The conversation then turned to accommodation options in Aberdeen and, again, Leigh was able to offer the caller a number of alternatives – to suit every budget (or so she thought) … what she was not expecting was the caller to suggest an even ‘cheaper’ option of staying with her in her family home – priceless! Fair to say that from that day forward ‘expect the unexpected’ has been a mantra for Leigh and the rest of the MDT business support team.

Congratulations on reaching the 10-year milestone Leigh and thanks for your support during that time!

From All at MDT