Featured Course of the Month

Published on 16.08.2012

Time for another featured course of the month and this week we will be looking at International Management Skills, another of our Communications, Leadership and Management Soft Skills set….because being a good manager means getting better Christmas presents!

Jokes aside though, we pride ourselves on the ability to pack a punch with plenty of practical information on our courses; 40% of time is devoted to instruction with the remaining 60% spent on realistic exercises, case studies, and role play scenarios…don’t worry there is no dressing up involved…phew!

Our trainer Peter’s Top Tuesday Tip last week emphasised the need to have a variety of management tools and techniques in your toolbox. Then you can choose the right tool (leadership style, strategy or set of techniques) for the management task or situation. 

As a result, we have a free tool for you this week “10 Tips for Team Leaders” that you can add to your toolbox right away!

Top 10 Tips

Of course, tips for team leaders is only a snippet of what we offer for International Management Skills, and for any of you who have had the pleasure of witnessing our trainers in action, you can vouch for their ability to bring the material to life.

So if you would like to know more about this course then please visit our website or take a hop, skip & jump over to our Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn where we update on news, offers, locations and a bit of fun thrown in…get involved!