Current Trading Conditions: MDTs Response

Published on 16.02.2015

Open Courses

As oil and gas companies come to terms with the significant drop in oil price since Q3 of 2014 we are aware of the increased scrutiny that budgets have been subject to.  Most oil and gas operators have made large adjustments to capital budgets and many have taken impairments on existing assets. 

Operating budgets have also been the subject of much scrutiny and many have been reduced.  In this environment many companies have reluctantly reduced budgeted expenditure on staff development and have trimmed training budgets. 

Most of our team at MDT have lengthy oil and gas industry experience and we understand the need to trim costs in a low oil price environment.  What we have been working on recently is ways in which MDT can collaborate with the industry to create an environment where companies can continue to make the strategic investment in training and development of staff but at lower costs. 

With that objective in mind MDT is pleased to announce the following initiatives which are designed to deliver even greater return on training investment:

Multiple Course Discounts
Where a client books one of their team onto any of our open courses, we will automatically offer discounts for further bookings:

• Two further bookings - 15% discount for these further bookings
• Three or more further bookings - 20% Discount for these further bookings

Early Bird Discounts
Where clients book anyone onto an MDT course they will automatically receive a 10% discount if that booking is made more than 90 days before the start of the planned course

Previous Attendee Discounts
A 10% discount will be offered to anyone who books a place on an open course in 2015 and who has previously attended an MDT open course

Loyalty Discount
Every attendee at one of MDT's open courses will be given a voucher entitling the holder to a 10% discount if they book any further MDT open course in 2015


In-House Training

The above initiatives are aimed at providing greater strategic value for investment in training and development of staff. They are aimed at staff who attend our open courses wherever they are held. 

A large proportion of our work with clients is completed through in-house courses.  We have always been prepared to hold an open dialogue with clients on the commercial arrangements for our in-house courses and we will continue to undertake discussions with clients in an open and transparent way to deliver best value for money for our clients training investment. 

For example, we recognise that - at five days duration - many of our standard courses represent a major time and financial investment for companies.  By agreeing up front with the client the key topics to be delivered, MDT has the ability to deliver many of these courses in shorter duration thereby cutting a five day course to (for example) three days.  Not only will this represent financial and time savings, it may allow companies to run training events that - at five days - would have been impossible. 

Although most economic commentators agree that some sort of recovery in oil price will happen there is little certainty over when this might be.  Here at MDT we are committed to working with all of our clients to deliver the best value possible for training and we hope that by doing so we will allow clients to continue to make the strategic investment in their people that we know they all want to.