Course Fee Reduction

Published on 18.07.2016

With the continued low level of global oil prices MDT International has recognised the impact that this is making to our client’s budgets and, in particular, the ability to allow staff to participate in external training courses. The main impact has been seen in the numbers registering for our popular Open Courses with this now appearing to be seen as a relatively expensive option. This is understandable when additional costs such as travel, accommodation, etc. may also need to be factored in.

We do however continue to receive feedback from many of our participants about the value and advantages of attending this type of course:

  • Interaction with others from different companies and with varied industry experiences adds to the learning experience.  
  • Being out with the workplace provides an environment where they can concentrate 100% on what is being taught.
  • Ability to continue with their own personal learning and development plan by attending courses applicable to what is required for their own career progression within the company.
  • A variety of courses, locations and dates offers options to fit with personal schedules.

We very much believe that face to face training continues to offer participants the opportunity to gain in-depth industry knowledge, which is both motivational and skill enhancing, and that employers supporting individuals in this way will see a resulting positive impact on their business performance.

In light of the ongoing difficulties being faced within the industry, and to help ensure that those within organisations wishing to benefit from the many advantages of attending our Open Courses, we have made a decision to reduce our course fees with immediate effect. All courses are included in this reduction with fees being reduced on average by 20%. We hope that by taking this step our clients, old and new, will be able to take advantage of the lower cost and join us in the coming months! Details of the reduced fees and course dates can be found here. 

In addition to the established open course locations currently listed please note that MDT have a successful track record of taking our open courses on the road. Recent examples have included: Ghana, Qatar, Tanzania, Kenya and Brazil. Please make contact if you are interested to discuss MDT open courses in a location near you.