Counting the Beans!

Published on 10.11.2015

Accounting and anything to do with numbers is often the trigger for many professional disciplines to switch off ... if MDT had a dollar for every time a very clever person has told us 'I'm not good with numbers', we'd be very rich!

Recently, our MD had the opportunity to tackle this issue with a group of Geoscientists - members of the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain - Young Professionals Branch.

 The first challenge was coming up with a sufficiently catchy seminar title to ensure that people would be willing to give up their own time (a Thursday evening) to attend.

Just How Do We Count The Beans? - An Insight into the Dark and Murky World of Oil and Gas Accounting!

It turned out to be a cracking session with a highly engaged & participative audience - the feedback was excellent and we have helped at least one group on non-numbers people overcome their fear.

As you will see in the picture of Drew in action - everyone is awake - he must have been doing something right!

If you are interested in understanding more about Oil & Gas Accounting then please don't hesitate to make contact.