Busy Bees

Published on 25.10.2019

We’re currently on a roll at MDT … today (Friday 25th Oct) closes out week 7 of what will be 15 weeks of consecutive course delivery which kicked off in Dubai on the 10th September and will conclude in London on 13th December.

During that time, we have 8 different MDT trainers delivering 32 separate courses covering a range of Oil & Gas industry topics, including: Introduction to the Industry, E&P Finance & Accounting, Negotiation Skills, Auditing, Contracts Strategy & Management; Leadership & People Management; Economics and Risk Management; International Fiscal Systems/Contracts.

The courses will take place in: Dubai; Atyrau; Stavanger; Aberdeen; Kuala Lumpur; Manama; Muscat; Erbil; Prague and London.

We’ll welcome over 300 course participants from a vastly diverse range of countries, including: Tanzania; Timor L’este; Malaysia; Norway; Vietnam; Kazakhstan; Oman; Kurdistan; Nigeria; Bahrain; Algeria; Ghana; Brazil; Kuwait; Canada; Australia; Taiwan; France; Myanmar; Italy; Pakistan; Denmark; Tunisia; Greece; Uganda; South Korea; Georgia; Albania and the UK.  

Fair to say that we have earned the right to include International in our company name!

At approx. the half-way stage of this hectic period, we are delighted to report that each and every course has received excellent participant feedback.

Time and time again our attendees highlight a key MDT strength as being the extensive hands-on experience of our trainers who not only understand and can explain the topic theory but can bring the subject matter to life with reference to their own experiences of working in the oil & gas industry.   

 So, having paused for breath to write this post, it’s time to get back to business … next week it’s Erbil & Kuala Lumpur.

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