Brand Refresh Background

Published on 22.07.2015

Staying fresh and relevant has always been part of normal business evolution for MDT but sometimes it is good to undergo a more substantial makeover.

In committing to 'updating' our brand you are faced with those 'meaning of life' type quetions:  Who are we?  What do we do?  What makes us different?

In responding we found that the real 'light bulb' moment comes not in your first response to such questions but to the second, third or fourth try.  Let me explain by way of example:

What does MDT stand for?  (It is a question we have been asked many times over the years):

Answer:  Management, Development, Training

But then you pause and ask yourself - what do we really stand for?... and you find that the answer goes far beyond spelling out the letters M D T.

Here is the premise: we believe that for individuals to add value to their employers they need to fully understand the business of oil & gas, in doing so those individuals gain confidence and are prepared to challenge the old fashioned 'always done it that way' approach and are willing to offer alternative/progressive ideas and solutions.

So what gets MDT out of bed in the morning is our driving ambition to play our part in developing the commercial capacity of those working in the oil & gas industry and to work with our clients to find the solution to their training challenges.  That is what we stand for.

Turning back to the website itself, we have tried to keep our content crisp and clean. Where possible, we have let our customers do the talking.

We hope you enjoy the new look and feel, and that the content helps provide a better answer of who we are rather than simply spelling out MDT!

Drew Leitch, Managing Director.