Both 60 & 35 Not Out!

Published on 20.08.2019

I appreciate that the title might have you thinking ... Drew looks younger than 60 but (a lot) older than 35 … but, in this case, the numbers refer to the number of Countries I’ve visited to date (60) and the number of years I’ve been working in the O&G Industry (35).

Country No. 60 was last week in the shape of Uganda. A country that MDT have been delivering our training courses in for many years, but this was my own first visit.

And what an enjoyable debut it was.

When training courses are working at their best, a number of factors are in play – for sure, well delivered, top quality material are in the mix, but it’s essential to grab and maintain the interest of the course participants. At MDT, we do this through the regular use of industry / topic specific exercises and case studies … these practical / hands on sessions are further supplemented by the trainers experiential stories.

Story telling is an important feature of maintaining participant engagement but also re-enforcing key learning outcomes – they also offer the opportunity for a few more light hearted moments amidst the more serious key learning objectives.

You know that the course has gone well when 14 of 14 (100%) indicate that the course has either fully met or exceeded their training needs/expectations.

Another sign that things have gone well is when the participants present the trainer with the most fabulous end of course gift – in this case, having observed my love/passion for football, a Ugandan Cranes football top – with my name and the number 35 printed on the back.

I promised the ‘students’ that I would take the first opportunity to proudly ‘model’ my new top once safely back home. And so here is me ‘pulling my stomach in’ and smiling during my Sunday afternoon walk with the dog at the St.Cyrus Nature Reserve on the North East Coast of Scotland.

Thank You Uganda.