Continuing to meet and exceed participants expectations!

Published on 03.11.2021

Our online training courses are continuing to be in demand both from a client and a participant perspective. Whether we are delivering online to a group of colleagues during an In-House course, or a class from a variety of organisations around the world during an Open Course, the feedback received has given us the reassurance that expectations continue to be met and exceeded! 

Thank you to all those who took time to provide their feedback. We want to share some of the recent comments received and look forward to new and returning participants experiencing similar positive experiences with MDT International in the future.

Introduction to the Oil & Gas Industry

“Trainer’s enthusiasm for the course was infectious. He made learning a lot of fun and relatable. The content of the course was pitched at right level.”

“Superb! I shall spend a great deal of time reading through the course material and know I shall use as a reference point throughout my career. Training instructor’s delivery was entertaining, informative and a pleasant way to learn.”

“Fantastic overview of the oil and gas industry. A must for non-technical personnel. The course has greatly assisted me in my day to day understanding of the oil and gas industry.”

Exploration & Production Accounting Level 1

“Course did exactly what it said on the tin! This course is very important for people who are novices.”

“I would like to thank MDT for this valuable training.  I particularly enjoyed the discussions which made the sessions more understandable.  The material was very motivating, you have done a wonderful job and I look forward to attending future training organised by you.”

“As someone new in oil and gas this course has really deepened my understanding of the industry.”

Exploration & Production Accounting Level 2

“The course was just the perfect mix of theory, real life examples and exercises. This was beyond my expectations.”

“This training course is really valuable to me. Training instructor did a terrific job keeping the topic interesting and course has certainly deepened my knowledge of the oil and gas industry. An excellent course, will highly recommend to my colleagues.”

“I cannot think of a better value for money training I have attended worth every penny.”

Negotiation Skills for the Oil & Gas Industry

“I am very happy with the course outcome, it’s exactly what I was looking for and for sure it will help a lot in my work. I am looking forward to start applying some of/all the techniques learnt.”

“Very interesting course and helpful in negotiation procedures. It teaches the techniques that are required in order to have a win/win result.”

“The course was very interesting and motivating. It gives a lot of interesting tips on how to be well prepared for negotiations and how to manage difficulties which may arise. Huge experience of the training instructor and their examples given to illustrate major points made the training very lively.”

Contracts Strategy & Management

“The course was very well organised, our instructor was very experienced and explained the subject clearly.”

Leadership & People Management Skills

“The learning experience opened up our mind to gain techniques and behaviour required to be a successful leader.”

“A very good course. It will help me to be a better leader, to better deal with my team members and it will allow me to a valuable asset to my company.”

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