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Published on 27.05.2015

Cost Efficiency & Budgeting in the Oil and Gas Industry


In today's price sensitive environment the management of industry costs has become an ever higher priority.  Across the industry, operators and service companies are working hard to embed a culture of rigorous cost management across all disciplines in their organisations.

History has told us that companies who record most success in this area are those who: 

  • Avoid the temptation to ‘slash and burn' (with all the unintended consequences that this often results in)
  • Concentrate on driving efficiencies across their business
  • Take a multi-discipline approach to cost management
  • Address the behavioural-based barriers to effective cost management
    In direct response to industry feedback, MDT has developed a new Cost Efficiency and Budgeting course which is aimed at supporting operator and service company staff as they seek to build credible budgets, identify practical cost management actions, understand the impact of decisions on operational performance and put in place performance tracking systems to measure success.

This three day, hands on, practical course is delivered by industry experts who all have extensive experience of the challenges that companies face to manage costs effectively. As well as presenting the underlying principles, the course will use worked examples and industry case studies to spark the creative thought processes of attendees. At least 40% of course time will be spent in active team working and brainstorming, designed to give attendees practical actions to take back to their workplace.

The target audience for this course is staff engaged across the oil and gas value chain and includes Management Teams, Sub-surface Staff, Operation's Staff, Project Teams, Well Engineers, Procurement Staff and Finance & Commercial Staff.

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