An Open Mind - A Thing of Beauty!

Published on 05.05.2022

I joined MDT International in May 2004 ... 18 years ago. Happy Anniversary to Me! On day 1, I had no idea whether I’d take to being a trainer like a duck to water or sink like a lead weight … but I started out with an open mind!

With the benefit of hindsight, I can now say that my only regret is not getting into the training game earlier. I Love It! Having the opportunity to share knowledge and experience with young professionals is both a pleasure and a privilege.  

But … back to that ‘Open Mind’ bit.

As I approached the end of my first year with MDT I had already clocked up training assignments in exciting cities, such as, Abu Dhabi, Caracas, Islamabad, Dubai, Ho Chi Min City, London, Houston and, perhaps the not quite so exciting … Reading!

However, in May 2005 along came Port Harcourt, Nigeria. I’d never been to Nigeria but, based on the stories that I’d heard, this was one to fear. The assignment was on behalf of an International Oil & Gas Supermajor and the meet, greet and airport transfer process was impressive … if slightly alarming given the firepower that was detailed to protect little old me as we made our way from the airport to my hotel. ‘Open Mind’ I repeated to myself.

I still have fond memories of that 2-week assignment in Port Harcourt. Totally engaged course participants with a thirst for learning coupled with a great sense of fun. And ‘outside’ of the training room, at the weekend, I enjoyed an impromptu game of football with some local kids on a bit of waste land at the back of my hotel and I became the ‘unofficial’ but well known photographer … even the chef emerged one day to ask if I’d take her pic.

A great first trip to Nigeria. In subsequent years I had the chance to return a number of times and, at MDT, we have welcomed hundreds of Nigerian nationals to our courses over the years. Like most other Countries of the World, Nigeria is far from perfect … but … for any readers who have never visited, don’t be put off or swayed by the stories … keep that mind open!