A Globe-Trotting Week for MDT

Published on 27.06.2012

Last week MDT concluded a successful week of training courses with our trainers in action in London (3 separate courses), Heysham, Accra, Houston and Bahrain… who says we’re not global!

In our weekly news update, we’d thought we’d shine the spotlight on the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

Our visit to Bahrain was MDT’s first opportunity to work with Tatweer Petroleum. Our E&P Accounting Level 1 course was delivered to a large   group of 20 participants and we’re pleased to say that the post course feedback was excellent.

A massive thank you to all our delegates for their enthusiasm and active participation, you can see their happy faces in the end of class photo, with our wonderful trainer Gerry!


As we say at the end of our courses, happy course participants become great ambassadors for MDT International. So, if you have had the pleasure of being a MDT International delegate and would like to offer feedback and/or have any other questions about courses and locations, we have gone social, so now you can continue discussion online on Facebook, Twitter @MDT_Int or LinkedIn.