Employer Benefits

Our in-house and open courses build commercial capacity and increase specialist knowledge: motivating and supporting individuals to adopt a strategic approach that positively affects business performance and profit.

Our in-house courses are a cost-effective way for businesses to work with us to develop customised training for their own requirements, realising benefits such as improved cost control and management performance as well as financial risk reduction.

“I attended several MDT courses while working for my previous employer (BG Group), I have always found the courses interesting and the information learnt on those courses value adding.  Very good manuals are provided and workings can be referred back to if needed."  Charlie Gorman, GDF Suez


"The unique feature of the training courses, in my opinion, is that the trainers are people who have a huge amount of experience in the Oil and Gas industry and are more than willing to pass on their knowledge.  The trainers are open to any questions on the industry and more than happy to answer them by being accessible and open during the week long courses.”  Eduardo Seixas, Petrobras 

Our global clients range from large oil and gas operators, service companies and industry regulators to energy ministries and other government agencies

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