Rodrigo Araujo Alves, Petrobras, Brazil

Rodrigo Araujo Alves, Petrobras, Brazil

"I was prompted to attend MDT International's courses as I needed to improve my background on E&P accounting, especially because at that time I worked with performance evaluation. I now carry out foreign financial reporting and I still use the knowledge I gained from the MDT courses I attended."

Rodrigo has participated in three of our courses and strongly agrees the resultant impact on his career progression.

Rodrigo works for Petrobras, a leader in the Brazilian oil industry. Petrobras has a presence in 17 countries worldwide.

"My experience with MDT International was excellent. Drew Leitch was the course instructor and the E&P Accounting courses really helped me to improve my background and grow in my career. I’m looking forward to training with MDT International again."

"One of MDT International's unique features is their trainers vast experience and great teaching techniques."