Jessica Amoako-Atta, Internal Auditor, Ghana National Petroleum Corp.

Jessica Amoako-Atta, Internal Auditor, Ghana National Petroleum Corp.

“My organisation’s training plan was to use these courses to build capacity for me in the oil and gas industry. As someone new to this industry it was important to fill in career gaps.”

Jessica completed E&P Accounting Level 1 and Level 2 and has found that the training has already played a part in her career progression. We are delighted to know that Jessica rates her overall experience with MDT International as “excellent”.

Jessica works for Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC), a state owned company engaged in oil exploration and production. GNPC has a priority to train Ghanaians and build local capacity within the industry. Jessica is currently an Assistant Internal Audit Officer and is keen to attend further training with MDT by completing E&P Accounting Level 3 and Auditing in the Exploration & Production Industry.

“MDT International has the ability to simplify E&P Accounting principles and gives everyday examples of what happens in the oil and gas industry. This has helped me to appreciate the industry more and attending the courses has given me a clearer and better understanding of accounting principles, standards and procedures. The facilitators are well informed and their delivery is excellent.

"The courses have provided a better understanding of cash calls which has helped me in my work assignments. I feel very confident now as I understand the work of the technical department which was previously very abstract to me.

"I enjoyed hearing the opinions of other attendees and the views from other countries and companies. I appreciated this and managed to do some comparisons with my own organisation.”