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MDT International focuses on remaining progressive across all parts of the business.

We will continue to offer a dynamic working culture and unique career opportunity that offers professional development opportunity and high level job satisfaction We are always interested in hearing from people who believe they have something to offer the company.

What it's like working at MDT

The needs of our clients are always at the heart of MDTs Business Support Team. We are responsible for all the arrangements which go towards ensuring the smooth running of our training courses - from receiving a booking and making initial contact with the participants to arranging travel for our trainers enabling them to deliver Open and In House sessions across the globe - attention to detail is vital! We have many, many repeat clients who have supported MDT over the years and it is very satisfying to see participants progress through a number of our courses, see the positive feedback on their course experience and find out how their new knowledge will help in their day to day work. Knowledge is shared within the business, as it is by our trainers on a daily basis and all employees are encouraged to put forward ideas on ways which MDT can continue to progress and grow. We look forward to speaking to you in the near future, whether as an existing client or a new one and we very much hope that our admin skills will help to make your experience with MDT a great one!Marie, Leigh, Lesley & Gillian - MDT Business Support Team

Working at MDT is fulfilling and rewarding in so many ways. The opportunity to travel the world and spend time with so many people from such a range of countries is a wonderful experience that never becomes routine or boring. Every training course is different, recognising and understanding the differences among the students and adjusting the way topics are delivered is essential to ensuring that all students gain the maximum benefit from their time on the course. In one class in Kuala Lumpur there were 27 students from 13 different countries! Seeing them get to know each other and enjoy each other's company is very special. It is not just the students who gain knowledge and understanding, I learn something from every course I deliver and often tell my students that I learn more than they do. I feel incredibly fortunate to work at MDT, it has enabled me to share knowledge and know-how I have gained during my career and the opportunity to try to pass on my passion for the oil and gas industry.Robert Hockley - Trainer

Working at MDT never becomes boring - every group of students brings fresh, interesting discussions, opinions and further appreciation of different cultures and ways of doing business. We are a small, close knit team so everyone is directly involved in the business; something refreshing after spending many years working in big companies. I get involved in a broad range of activities with a particularly satisfying example being client management which often leads to the need to customise and develop courses as well as delivering them. And, of course, seeing familiar faces returning for more is always very satisfying.Nick Sands - Trainer

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