If you're a business

Your employees return to you after a training programme that goes beyond the norm. They'll have enhanced their core knowledge, certainly, but they'll also have a greater understanding of industry dynamics. We'll have shared the bigger picture.

In-house courses customised to your brief.

Informed, motivated and engaged employees – adding extra value.

Building commercial capacity and bolstering specialist knowledge.

Open courses offering an inspiring, multi-cultural learning environment.

If you're a trainee

We want you to leave with a better understanding of the business where you work and the industry in which you aim to progress. You'll be better equipped to articulate new ideas, make better connections in your workplace and articulate new ideas.

Certification from an accredited international provider.

Wider industry knowledge and insights.

New professional contacts and networks.

Ongoing links with your training provider.

How do we succeed on your behalf?

In part it's down to preparation. We painstakingly assemble the right course content, in the right structure, for those who have entrusted us with their professional development.

It's also down to our network of experienced trainers. They're knowledgeable, of course, but they're also primed to engage. They'll let the discussion take a new direction if it's going to encourage debate, promote insight and enhance the overall experience.

For us, it's about creating - and sustaining - a training connection. Many participants keep in touch with their trainer and with MDT long after their course is over. To us, each trainee is more than just another face in the training room. They're professionals with their own goals and ambitions.

Our job is not only to support them; it's to inspire them.

Drew Leitch, Managing Director


We are a member of The CPD Certification Service, a leading independent institution providing accreditation compatible with global continuing professional development (CPD) principles. All our open courses have been certified as conforming to CPD values.

Visit cpduk.co.uk

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